Gallery S. Bensimon

At the intersection of beauty, responsible and functional Gallery S. Bensimon offers creative and design talents to the needs of architects, interior designers, to the delight of fans and collectors, a customized service contemporary, but still reasonable emotional. Lines of objects and furniture where young designers speaks freely and making available the Beautiful and Rare

Exercises styles. Dialogues of materials and shapes. Meetings of expertise. Curiosity and creativity. Objects of daring and grace. Productions, limited editions, unique pieces.




Colour and material are two areas of the research and sharing so important to Serge Bensimon, who has helped make our everyday lives more beautiful for over 30 years.
Colour and material, in terms of what they evoke from a sensory perspective and what they represent emotionally, are both vehicles for the positive aspects required for our equilibrium. Softly and elegantly, 2014 is approaching for Gallery S. Bensimon with objects and furniture designed to integrate effortlessly into our interiors and your design projects: pieces reflecting their history, representing strong links between your aesthetic sensibilities and the creative universe around you.
Serge Bensimon presents his design selection, notably featuring the collaboration of well-known production houses Established & Sons and Brokis and the contribution of designers including Max Lipsey, Nao Tamura, Marco Guazzini, Birgit Severin and Lex Pott.
Following the Matter gallery in New York and the Helmrinderknecht gallery in Berlin, this year is an opportunity to invite another partner gallery to present some of its work – the Kreky gallery in Prague – thereby extending the pleasure of presenting completely original works at the January trade show in Paris.