Things that make one’s heart beat

 With the title of this exhibition, taken from Sei Shônagon’s Pillow Book, a japanese writer of the tenth century, Serge Bensimon invites us to take the time to see and to feel.

Undisguised tribute to Japan on the one hand, fertile land in tradition, he selected from Dan Yeffet the drawing of emblematic pieces, made of stone of the Sendai area, revealing the beauty of the stone ; an exceptional job that brings out the actions of each participant, and an ode to Nature.

Sincere sharing of personal emotions on the other hand, he also delivers a collection of wooden furniture from Sugi and Keyaki, made by the finest local artisans who worked for the greatest references of Japanese design.

From this almost meditative journey about materials, the Gallery S. Bensimon composes a selection of objects of wonder that amplifies this atmosphere of "Wa". Doug Johnson and Roberto Sironi propose Rare Things, linking craftsmanship and ancient know-how in almost hypnotic gestures or compositions. Things that cannot be compared, Sabine Marcelis and Nao Tamura initiate us to the pleasure of simplification, through wonderful creations whose light is a pretext to the sharing of emotions. Florian Richter, a Berlin photographer, plunges us into the Splendid Things that his landscapes are, first fruits of his November exhibition, here again, a declaration of love to natural forces and to art that reveals their beauties.

Of this road we shared on the mountainside, we hold onto this positive philosophy of sharing, and the attention given to the people behind the objects, Things that brighten the heart.


Gallery S. Bensimon is open from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 2.30 till 7 PM



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