Gallery S. Bensimon

At the intersection of beauty, responsible and functional Gallery S. Bensimon offers creative and design talents to the needs of architects, interior designers, to the delight of fans and collectors, a customized service contemporary, but still reasonable emotional. Lines of objects and furniture where young designers speaks freely and making available the Beautiful and Rare

Exercises styles. Dialogues of materials and shapes. Meetings of expertise. Curiosity and creativity. Objects of daring and grace. Productions, limited editions, unique pieces.



Gallery S. Bensimon is closed until the 3rd of September

Visit us in September for our new set-up

"ENSEMBLE" from the 5th of September

In a constantly changing society, definitions are more blurred and borders more mobile. Serge Bensimon has therefore chosen this year to work on a forward-looking “ensemble” concept, leaving more scope for freedom of selection and collection.
Putting things together to create an ensemble also raises the possibility of telling the story of each creation and encouraging dialogues, particularly by focusing on how they are produced or generated.

In this selection, Gallery S. Bensimon establishes a reflection matrix enabling everyone to develop their own research focuses. The gallery acts as a proactive source of suggestions and advice, capable of supporting you in all your projects.

Launch "Rain" Tables design Christian Haas Launch "Rain" Tables