Islands symbolise travel, or perhaps wandering, and freedom. An island can be a stopover, a destination, or a dream home. It rekindles the utopian imagination and delineates a space of contentment, one that is safe and enclosed and so the abode of desire, but also open to the vast expanses of the infinite horizon. Like islands, objects can live in us far more than we live in them. Curiously, although far from the continent, islands are what connect us to the land, just as objects bind us to society. 

 An island remains a microcosm, reflecting and encapsulating civilisation; it is a space in which to recreate, to develop, and find answers. An island is often a desire to be different, of being alone, feeling at home.

 An island is where one can exalt the self, expressing our own perceptions. The very pronunciation, “I-land”, reveals the metaphor.  Insularity provides the space for thought, the surrounding water gives light a different hue.  

“An island is the desire for matter that eludes the mists” J.P Dessanti

 Without a doubt, islands feature in the story of a great many journeys and voyages. They are a refuge for just as many creators, a space where they can recover their energy. 

They trigger dreams of settling down, of change and renewal. A space filled with possibilities. They are an experience, testament to our diversity, an original (mythical?) living space, one that draws the best from man’s ability to build, to create, and adapt.

 “It forms part of the geography of every being, the capital where the self resides, at the very heart of the psyche, and where it makes the most serious decisions” Roger Caillois

 An island is a thing of passion, where everyday life could be harmonious, more structured. Often depicted as a perfect circle, or even a point, the island is the symbol of the abstract, or a successful philosophy. 

Islands impose a certain distance, the room needed to fully grasp space and time. As a result, they are apt places to build bridges, and open dialogue. 

Design, I mean an island, is an imagination made real.


About the Palafitte Collection from the Giacomo Moor Studio

Lights by Nao Tamura and Dan Yeffet, published in Venice by Wonderglass

Fantasy Pieces inspired by the Lagoon by Studio Alcarol, première in Paris.

Dialogue Pieces drawn in Ireland by Andrew Ludick, Rug published by Ceadogan Rugs

Anchor Pieces, Lighthouse by Christopher Jenner, a Gallery S. Bensimon exclusive

Pieces inspired by Marco Guazzini, a Gallery S. Bensimon exclusive

Surreal Pieces by the designer Jelle Mastenbroek.


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