Gallery S. Bensimon


Sensitive light Installation by Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka Ono

INAHO is an interior lighting inspired by a golden ear of rice slowly swinging in the wind. The product's 3 mm wide stem is made of carbon fibre and a LED covered by a golden perforated tube is attached to its end, which creates light in dots reminding us of paddy rice. Human-detection sensors are embedded in the base and when a person comes by the INAHO, it begins to sway in that direction. Dozens of INAHO would create a landscape that responds to and follows people, which will make an attractive entrance or corridor. By extracting the characteristics from an ear of rice and representing them with minimal elements, we approached a product which possesses novelty and nature-oriented familiarity together.

Gallery S. Bensimon is open from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 2.30 till 7 PM



With a particular attention for well-being and different environments, Serge Bensimon offers a real reflection, in the first and second meaning of the word, thanks to the exclusive editions and selection of his design gallery.

Emotional excess, sensory overflow, luxury of choices and quality of innovation, he draws skillfully a meditation on materials and light, in order to lead us gladly to surprise, discover and pleasure.

Timeless collection of objects, this selection is an echo to know-how of designers and craftmen. Diffused light, shining metals, in any case never seen creations that create wonder, excite the imagination.

A real warmth comes from the material, a intense sensuality from the shapes… as well as a strong positive feeling,  specific to Serge Bensimon, always searching deeper, and with a communicative enthousiasm and a necessary distance, creations that could satisfy us both at the abstract and sensory level.

Tools Cabinet by Daphna Laurens

Inaho by Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka Ono

Tables Sedimentato by Duccio Maria Gambi

Mirrors Champagne by Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven

shining objects edited Daniele Mingardo

Thanks for the Sun lamp by Arnout Meijer

Meditation Vase Alexandre Dubreuil

Osis Collection by Llot Llov

Sheets Table Desk by Lucie Koldova edited by Krehky Gallery Prague

Sanctuaria by Morgan Ruben


Florian Richter 's photographies 'preview. Three landscapes of the Gefilde series. Solo exhibition in October


Launch "Rain" Tables design Christian Haas Launch "Rain" Tables