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At the intersection of beauty, responsible and functional Gallery S. Bensimon offers creative and design talents to the needs of architects, interior designers, to the delight of fans and collectors, a customized service contemporary, but still reasonable emotional. Lines of objects and furniture where young designers speaks freely and making available the Beautiful and Rare

Exercises styles. Dialogues of materials and shapes. Meetings of expertise. Curiosity and creativity. Objects of daring and grace. Productions, limited editions, unique pieces.



“Eppur si muove” from 19th of May, D'Days Paris


Hilda Hellström’s mixed clays create galaxies, aurorae borealis, imaginary sea depths. We stand hypnotised, spellbound, before these ceramics snapshots of undulating universes. Serge Bensimon has given the artist carte blanche to work on an original design based on the analogy between the potter’s clay and the Earth on which we live (Terre), both in motion. An object that fully expresses the designer’s technique, the quality of the materials and the beauty of the creative act.


Working with earthen substances is a fundamentally human deed that finds its true meaning in this work, as this material retains the memory of the hands that moulded it. The oeuvre retraces the continental drift that formed the Earth as we know it today, marked by the perpetual cycle of birth and destruction.

Hilda Hellström's (b. 1984 Gothenburg, Sweden) methodological approach as a designer is of a highly independent nature, often craft-based, with a focus on process and a philosophical examination of the themes behind the work. Her education shows her openness and high attention for details and research of sens (Royal College of Art, London, Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, Gerlesborgs Konstskola, Fine Art, Stockohlm, Kobehavns Tekniske Skole, Drawing & Illustration, Copenhagen, Denmark, La Massana, Fine Art, Barcelona). Sometimes she describes herself as an analytic craftswoman, analysing of the narrative of objects, and sharing the context and world within them,.