Golden Harvest

The Golden Harvest collection is a tribute to Brazil, to its mix of cultures and eras. Seven pieces have been created by the Guto Requena studio with the complicity of the Gallery S.Bensimon, upon the return of their exploration trip to the lands of Jalapão, seven self-evident creations, telling us about Brazil’s history, of its traditions and development, pieces of memory and of times to come, taking us back and forth between myth(s) and reality.

For this collection, the women of the community have crafted thousands of interlinked mandalas, like their forefathers’ map , real roots of the great country . Moved by the simplicity and beauty of the Mumbuca natives’ craftmanship, he adds to it the one of metalworkers, and then new technologies, the designer’s favourite medium.

Formally, in this collection, the Guto Requena studio appeals to our memories of the age of discoveries and its explorations, one, here,  must let its imagination be carried away, and travel to faraway or unknown lands, at the whim of legends inherent to each discoveries.

Of course, this « golden harvest » evokes the instrinsic value, as well as the myths, that surround the power of gold, but it is first and foremost, a collection that feeds on the strong emotions, the contrasts and the love to which Brazil gives birth.


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