Marc Dibeh invites us to enjoy Lebanon’s legendary exuberance in one of its capital’s liveliest streets, at the time of day when everyone is hurrying to finish work, meet for a drink and chat over a hookah. He celebrates a culture of openness, exchange and expertise.

For several years now the country has been undergoing a major aesthetic revolution. Its designers now take pride of place on the international design stage and are developing a strong identity.

Marc Dibeh presents four pieces of furniture combining technique, materials and colours – four approaches reflecting function and attitude. This marks the start of his collaboration with Gallery S. Bensimon.

Each piece he designs tells a story, has a meaning and offers an anecdote, a desire or a vision.

He conjures up a chic and original world in which his creations are linked by a common theme, a desire for sharing and transmission, an art of living.

Gallery S. Bensimon is open from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 2.30 till 7 PM



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